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About Us

Bee’-Jay Bait was originally founded in 1950. Countless hours were invested in the development of these fish catching recipes. Our cheese based bait comes in a 14 ounce jar and smells indescribably bad, like something cheesy and salty crawled inside the jar and died. Possessing a consistency somewhere between peanut butter and earwax, Bee’-Jay is rolled into a pear shaped ball and stuck on a three pronged, or treble hook. The “putrid pate” is made with more than a dozen secret ingredients that are formulated to trigger a catfish’s appetite. Bee’-Jay Bait is sold nationwide and has been shipped as far as Japan. Our goal is to continue to carry on the Bee’-Jay tradition by producing quality fishing products so families and fishermen alike can create lasting memories for generations to come.


We invite you to try our baits and go fish catching, instead of just fishing!

Professionals rely on Beejay Fishing Products for fishing success!
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