Catfish Dough Bait

Time after time, Bee’-Jay Catfish Dough Baits make headlines by landing monster catfish practically every time they hit the water!  Ready to use, just form a pear shaped ball over your treble hook, cast to your favorite Catfish hole, and get ready!  Available in 5 fish catching flavors.

Dough Bait, Original, 14 oz
Dough Bait, Garlic, 14 oz
Dough Bait, Blood, 14 oz
Dough Bait, Glow, 8 oz
Lady Luck Dough Bait, 14 oz
Cheese with pink tint

Catfish Bait - Premade Balls

Premade shapes, just place on a size 6 or 8 treble hook, covering shank and all points well. Fish on the bottom or with a cork.

Catfish Premade Balls, Cheese, 10 oz
Catfish Premade Balls, Blood, 10 oz

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